Fridtjof, Christian und Matthias

Yep, that's us. If you're hearing 3 guys laughing before you see them, tap them on the shoulder and say hi - it's probably us :)

Fridtjof Detzner

Interface-Design, Development


Fridtjof and co-founder Christian founded their first company, web agency when they were still going to school. Later he founded NorthClick and Jimdo together with Christian and Matthias. These days he's practicing handstand-running and is kiting.

Christian Springub

Programming, Development

Christian founded the web agency with Fridtjof, then with Matthias and Fridtjof, NorthClick and Jimdo.

Matthias Henze

Marketing, Sales

Matthias has a diploma in business studies. He studied at the universities of Kiel, Germany and Goteborg, Sweden. In 2004, he was one of the founders of NorthClick, and of Jimdo in 2007. Almost every evening he puts up a good fight against Fridtjof and Christian (it's all about being the best in