The Red Button Experience. Impressions of the Second User Meetup.

There probably is no bigger treat than flying to the other end of the world and meet people who're using your product! Yesterday, we had another one of these great experiences: at our second user meetup with Japanese Jimdo-Evangelists, this time in the office of our partner KDDI Webcom in Tokyo.

During the meetup we did a short presentation about the history of Jimdo, launched the JimdoBusiness-Package announced a couple of other things - and then got to talk with the users. 


For the launch we asked one of our users to push the red button to launch the JimdoBusiness Product in Japan. I think we picked one of the oldest ones we have (unfortunately, we didn't ask him for his age) and it's just great to see that Jimdo enables people of this age groups to setup their own website. 


Socializing with the users was awesome. To get their positive feedback, their wishes for future developments, and just simply here their stories how they use it, was great. Thanks all for coming! And thanks also to KDDI Webcom for organizing this excellent event! How did you like the event?

For more pictures visit the JimdoJapan-Blog

A special thanks to Mr. Nozaki for this present! We're looking forward to taste all the specialties :)








Beer blogpost

Don't get the impression we're only drinking beer here in Japan all the time.
Anyway, we'd like to share two great beer drinking experiences with you :)

No. 1 - japanese beer drafting machine

This thing really flashed us :) The automatic beer drafting maschine can make two beers in 10.2 seconds. Imagine you have a maschine like this at home. We would know where you friends are every evening :)

No. 2 - order a beer in tokio only takes 39 seconds :)






A day in Kyoto.

After having had a great user meetup in Kyoto yesterday, we stayed in Kyoto today. Teppei, Hiro, Tak, and Eri took us around and showed us the city. Really impressive! Check out the pictures below. 

I'd just like to remind you of our Q&A session. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. We'll really try to answer everyone of them, so go ahead and post yours!

Tomorrow we're having a couple of meetings and at night our second user meetup. This time it's taking place in Tokio in the office of our partner KDDI Webcom who is responsible for Jimdo Japan. So, if you're around, hope to see you tomorrow :)






Evangelist Meetup in Kyoto

Today we met with about 80 Jimdo Evangelists, Bloggers and journalists at the traditional japanese place Chionsha.


Teppei and us three did a presentations about the history of Jimdo and what's coming next. We will release some news in Japan at the official press-conference in Tokio this monday, so stay tuned.


After that we had the chance to talk to the Jimdo Users and that was really a great experience. It's really weird to fly to the other side of the globe to a country where you don't understand a word - but are talking to people who really love the product you created. Experiences like today are great reassurance of have gone internationally early and keep on following this path.

Artist Sota Maruta

Sota gave us this great vase designed with Jimdo! He said that he wanted to thank us because he has never been able to create a website until he got to know Jimdo. Thanks Sota!



Yasuyuki Kanaoka

Yasuyuki is web director at an international MBA school in Kyoto. He created the official website for the MBA school with Jimdo and it really looks great! We will try to send some german students to the MBA school, because there are people from 13 countries but no one from Germany.






Ask us!


During the last year, we've gotten quite a lot of question concerning how our partnership in Japan is going, whether it's culturally difficult, how the sushi is, what the weather is like - all kinds of questions! Great!


So we thought, hey, maybe we should make a Q&A session while we're on tour. So, let's try this experiment: ask us! Whether Japan related or not, it really doesn't matter. We'll make one or two answering questions, so better post your question right away :-)